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Sustainable Construction

Fortes performs works focused on sustainable construction that seeks to minimize  the new constructions impact on the environment, be it with the economy of natural resources, with the economy of the necessary energy  to accomplish the work or use during its useful life period. The strategic actions to be adopted to reach these objectives are the ECO PRINCIPLES that enables the client to gain the LEED certification from the Green Building Rating System.

- Sustainable design 

The project guarantees the utilization of light and natural ventilation, as well as the reduction of materials losses.

- Eco materials

The materials are selected according to its environmental effectiveness, with priority to those of low impact by selecting suppliers committed to nature respect.

- Energetic effectiveness

The project is aimed at the lower energy consumption, be it by using passive comfort strategies, be it by using effective equipment and systems.

- Water conservation

Rainwater capture system and landscape techniques of low water consumption are items used in the project.

- Healthy indoor environment

The constructive system exempt of humidity and easily maintained materials guarantee the indoor air quality providing health and comfort.