Differentiated Solutions



Constant investment in people, innovation, technology and sustainability. Projects performed with 360° management, ensuring delivery excellence.

Creating differentiated solutions means knowing the market, the customer and their reality in order to offer the best, the different, going beyond expectations. Fortes has evolved and constantly renews itself investing in and seeking excellence in its construction processes. This search builds a strong, consolidated brand with great credibility in the market, becoming a reference in the civil construction area. The key to success for choosing Fortes is based on the company’s inviolable values and characteristics, which become a remarkable competitive differential, such as:

Continuous investment in people:

FORTES training and qualifies its team constantly because it understands that qualified people are more engaged, valued and motivated. It is worth mentioning its Trainee program “New Talents”, which is a reference in the market and whose main objective is to train and develop engineers and technicians within the FORTES culture and values.

Ethics and respect in its relationships:

Respect, transparency and ethical conduct are the foundation, the basis, the essence for all its relationships and decision-making.

Differentiated Solutions:

Creating differentiated solutions means to know the market, the customer and its reality in order to offer the best, the different, beyond expectations.

Competitive price:

FORTES is present in the most important enterprises in the country. One of the important factors contributing to this is it pricing strategy. FORTES provides the best solution for its customer.

Investments in innovation and technologies:

FORTES has always invested in innovation and new technologies because it generates value, seeks solutions for the market, involves its employees, delights the customer, transforms the business.

Commitment to life:

FORTES’ greatest value is the employees’ lives. Its activities, actions and processes have always been guided by a commitment to safety and the appreciation of life.

Appropriate engineering development for each customer:

Far beyond performing works, FORTES develops the appropriate engineering for each customer’s reality through technological and innovative solutions and a specialized, prepared and committed team.

Partnerships with technology holders:

Being competitive also means having important partnerships with international technology companies. And this is a reality at FORTES for years.

Sure it will be delivered which was hired:

Whoever hires FORTES is sure of a enterprises performed with quality, safety, ethics, sustainability and delivered on time.

Well-managed costs:

Financial health, control and good cost management is an essential competitive advantage for FORTES’ businesses. Financial management takes place in a systematic, planned and sustainable way.

Integrated Management System – IMS:

The Integrated Management System is in FORTES’ DNA. With the objective of consolidating quality, environment, safety and health certificates in a single system, this integration brings strategic and operational benefits.