Innovation has always been part of Fortes Engenharia, as it believes that the sustainability of the business depends on the constant delivery of value to the customer.

The Fortes Engenharia it also understands that innovation does not happen by chance, but that it must be managed strategically, involving all levels of the organization.

With this vision, Fortes Engenharia created the program InovaFortes and is part of the supporting members of Base27, the innovation hub of the Espírito Santo’s engineering and construction chain.


The InovaFortes program follows the principles of agility, which consist in constantly delivering value, evolving learning, productivity and adapting to the market, contemplating everything from capturing ideas to implementing and measuring the results of Fortes Engenharia’s portfolio of strategic projects.

In the long term, InovaFortes aims to be a reference in innovation in the civil
construction market, having as strategic drivers:


Culture of innovation

Creating and maintain a psychologically safe environment to test, learn and continuously evolve.

Digital transformation

Integrating digital technologies, processes and competences for the best customer experience.

Open innovation

Responding faster to market demands, connecting organizational needs, internal and external partners, suppliers and customers.

Connection with the ecosystem

Promoting ambience and knowledge in innovation together with universities, innovation hubs, companies in the construction sector and other sectors of the economy.