Sustainability is the search for balance between people’s needs and the preservation of the environment, without compromising future generations.


Being sustainable means worrying about and investing in environmental preservation policies in a broad way, inside and outside the company. It is to reduce waste and environmental impacts, respect diversity and contribute to the quality of life of its employees and communities. This is the commitment to be sustainable in the way of being FORTES.

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FORTES has always taken care of the health and quality of life of its employees, and after such a delicate moment like this one we are experiencing, the topic has become a priority in FORTES’ routine. Everyday actions are taken to preserve the health of the employee and during the pandemic, measures were taken to minimize the contagion, such as home office work for the technical team, reducing the capacity of buses at construction sites, cleaning actions, guidance and campaigns preventive, spaced cafeteria, distribution of alcohol gel and masks, among others.